Saturday, October 03, 2009

We're going to be showing a new artist at Rona Gallery

Liz Turnbull

(Bachelor of Arts, BA)

Liz began painting 15 years ago while living in a small southern Bohemian town in the Czech Republic. Being surrounded by like minded people; musicians, painters, poets and puppet makers, Liz was inspired by 15th century plaster buildings and cobbled streets of this beautiful world heritage site. Liz’s earlier paintings depicted these heritage buildings. She continued painting while living in France for two years, only setting her brushes aside to undertake the interior design project of a 5-star hotel in Ireland.

Back in New Zealand, Liz was struck by a new appreciation for the surreal light and vivid colours of her homeland which she depicts in her paintings. 15 years ago while living in

Liz’s Paintings…

Liz’s paintings are contemporary and she works in acrylic. They are largely of a landscape nature but with abstract elements. They are textured and have many layers of paint to slowly reveal elements coming from beneath.

Liz’s most recent works focus on nature’s elements; the sea, sky, rivers, misty valleys – and how they change at different times of the day. “During the past few months I’ve been getting up very early to catch the early morning sunrises and mists in the valley and over the sea. I have a great view from my studio where I look down into the valleys along the foothills of the Kaimais and out to sea, so it’s all right on my doorstep. Spring has provided me with the most dramatic skies to paint, the weather is beautifully unsettled and changes in a matter of minutes. I’m always studying the skies and the light”.

Liz’s studio is a converted 50-year-old woolshed that also houses boutique accommodation (please visit Situated in the foothills of the Kaimai ranges in the Bay of Plenty, the woolshed overlooks an ever-changing vista of orchard-strewn valley, farmland and the Pacific Ocean beyond.


New Zealand

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