Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The First Word

Welcome to my blog!

I am an inspiring artist from Eastbourne, Lower Hutt, New Zealand. This is my official blog of an artist, complete with comments of my paintings.

If you want to view any more history, check out these other sites:


and the Rona Gallery website:


Thanks, and will look forward to posting new stuff soon!

Many regards
Richard Ponder

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Mike Murphy said...

Hello Richard. I spoke to you a few years ago. My father, John Murphy, bought some of your early works in the 70's, 80's. I possess an oil done by you in Queensland entitled "Stack, Ravenswood" Nth Qld from my fathers estate. Oddly, I now live in Qld, and I am interested to know if your early years were a learning curve for you, or a watershed of your learning experience. Do these fabulous paintings hold a place in your heart, and should they best be revered in Oz or Godzone, ie, Eastbourne. You know, I first paddled in the sea at Eastbourne beach as a 12 month old,(56 years ago) and have had a memorable love experience in the vicinity as a headstruck teen. (I can envisage every corner of the road toward Eastbourne in my Morris Minor). I admire the fact you are now an international celebrity, and obviously a much matured artist. I am asking if your Australian experiences are more valued here, or do they belong in Kiwi? I would like to hear from you, even just to engage your correspondence, and possibly secrete more info of your mystique. Kind regards, Michael Murphy.